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By: alyssa natrah

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Tuesday, 6-May-2008 06:12 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Playtime & Dinner at Sour Puss

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Went down to Parkway Parade last 2 wks wif my cuzin Dil & Hakim her son.Hakim had an enjoyable time playing the car rides.From Parkway Parade, we decided to go down to Esplanade nak watch sunset la konon.
Skali we pass by John Little da pe lagi niat nak watch sunset bertukar jadi shopping plak siap beli bedsheet set lagi hai.....dah kata pompuankan mana leh tinggal shopping .We had dinner at Sour Puss which was formerly known as 2hot 2halal cafe lau tak silap ah.
The atmosphere is very relaxing & the food of coz delicious ah.Ada plak live band performing at the Esplanade & paling best dorang ada sofa sambil makan leh lepak.Bila dah kenyang cam nak landing
je kat sofa sal 2 comfy siap ngan bantal lagi.....sib baik tak terus.. zzzzzzzzzz.

Saturday, 26-Apr-2008 02:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Christmas '07

crystal ball-hahaha tengok org lain snap camni kita pun nak gak
ingin ku petik bintang dilangit
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Photos taken during Christmas lightups 2007 at Parkway Parade.Juz bought the camera so kancong ah ..snaping pics here & there,masih bau kedai sey .So this is our 1st photo collection using digital camera nie jelah yg mampu dibeli setakat niekan .?Enjoyzss....

Tuesday, 22-Apr-2008 13:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Kenduri-part 2

marbeles baked by Sil
chocalate layered cake
haziqo Abolo-the next Christiano Ronaldo
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The continuation!!!

Tuesday, 22-Apr-2008 12:04 Email | Share | | Bookmark
kenduri-part 1

Buffet spread
ayam lemak cili padi
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16th of Mac 08,we gather at Masita(sis in law) hse for kenduri arwah.It's been a yr since almarhum father in law passed away.His loss is deeply felt as he's alwayzs loveable & humorous 2.No words can describe how much we missed him.Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya & di tempatkan dikalangan orang 2x yg beriman....Amin.

Thursday, 17-Apr-2008 21:51 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Difference

how do luk?
side view
sweet tak?
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Pics taken after Arina reached home frm tuition class.She insist that I snap sum pics of her wearing 'tudung' so takda choice layanss jelah(nanti rajuk plakkan).The tuition class is being conducted at Darul Aman mosque.So kena ikut protocolahkan sesuai ngan tempat.

I also 'tumpang semangkuk' posing although feeling tired after werk.Takkan anak je glam,mama pun nak gak...hehehe.....

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